Happy Midsummer Everyone!

Happy Midsummer everyone. I hope you all have awesome days.
So, my ritual went amazingly! It was fun, but I admit I was, to quote Princess and the Frog, sweatin' like a sinner in church.
I woke up at 9:30, semi-awake. I took a shower, shaved, and had a jolt of caffine. At 10:15 I did my makeup.
Then I did all my setup. Oh my goodness! My tiny room gets hot quickly. My circle was cast with both Egyptian and Mesoamerican quarters, which was awesome. I lit my smudge stick, and my room STILL smells like a kitchen.

I did all my stuff for my faerie altar, and as I started to move to my Mesoamerican, my media player froze and wouldn’t work.So, I restarted my computer and took a pretty smoke pictures

Quetzalcoatl had been waiting excitedly, waiting for me to call him in, which made me a little giggly. When I read his invocation (A bit from Call of Cthulu because he’s an H.P. Lovecraft fanboy), I felt excited chills. It was awesome.Cama Zotz was much more reserved and calm, but I think he liked his invocation as well (A bit from the novel Firewing)Once I was ready, I meditated on the Tridevi of India—Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga—asking why I kept hearing Their names, and the word Shakti, which is the word for the Tridevi.I did get an answer. It was a bit quiet, but I got this:Dancing, we are balance. Not patron, but balance.I think it means that they are not my patron Goddesses, but they simply come around to balance the overwhelmingly masculine energies of my patron Gods.Clean up was longer than set up, but totally worth it.Here are my finished altars. Left to right: Mesoamerican, Egyptian, Gemstones, Faerie.