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meteorite Meteorites are bits of “space rock”—naturally occurring objects from outer space—that impact with earth. Most of these are small and harmless; they just happened to survive our atmosphere. Tons of these hit the earth and the atmosphere every month. According to the Meteoritical Society, a little over 1000 meteors were seen entering the atmosphere, and had over 38000 finds for February.

Meteorites have been used religiously for centuries. It’s been thought that they were the first access humans had to iron. There is some speculation that the black stone in Mecca, is actually a meteorite.

Meteorites are rare for purchase, but you can get them from some gemstone stores, museums and NASA. You may also get lucky and just find some when you’re out and about.

Meteorites should NOT be used in elixirs at all.

These are just what common sources say. Everyone will have different personal associations. Experiment!
Chakras:Sources are a little varied on this. Some say all, and some specify the base and the crown.
Colour: Gold
Gemstones: Hematite, Lodestone, some sources say Serpentine
Plants, Oils and Incense:Lotus, Frankincense, Hyssop, Myrrh, Madonna Lilies.

Meteorites are very powerful stones. For this reason, it’s recommended that you only use meteorites if they call to you, compared to something like quartz, which everyone can use. For this reason, it’s also not recommended that meteorites be used for pets and children. With children, you can make the exception if the meteorite draws them in. However, be careful.

Meteorites are great for long-distance healing. I do distance healing sessions and they can get incredibly draining. Meteorites will help funnel the energy over distances. Related to this, meteorites are also great for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual endurance. Meteorites can also help you get rid of bad habits or addictions. Meteorite also will help in overcoming phobias.

Meteorites are some of the most powerful home protectors as well. It is used to help prevent fires, but it can be used in war zones to help protect or minimize the damage in bombings.

If you are big into dreams, dream interpretation and lucid dreaming, then a meteorite is a very important stone to have. They aid in opening the mind for channelling, which is important in all forms of dream work. With this association, they are also fantastic stones for meditation.

As meteorites come from outer space, they are ideal stones to use for travel. If you are prone to homesickness, a meteorite may be able to help immensely. Along with this travel association, due to the fact meteorites come from outer space, they are used to help contact other worlds. This can mean either other planes of existence, or—if you believe in them—alien worlds.

Meteorites are said to increase awareness, particularly telepathic and psychic awareness. If you are learning a psychic power, or trying to develop one further, meteorites are particularly in-tune with this. Meteorites amplify the source materials, while making the receiver (you) more aware. Thus, it works on both sides, both the giving and receiving.

Most meteorites contain iron, but some do not. Only ones with iron are good for helping anaemia.

If you are an astrologer or astronomer, or work with outer space at all, this is your stone.