I'm doing a Reiki case study on Sunday, with the girl who was in my class. I'm wondering if I should build (another) site for my services, or if it's too early in the game. I'd like to get everything out and easily referenced, but I'm also a total noob.

Today and tomorrow, I think I'm going to work on my websites (yes, I have two. This one and a personal one). Coding, editing, and thinking.

I've been spiritually disconnected this week, with the Reiki attunement, and the renos (which are done for four days while our handyman deals with some family matters). But, I've also been disconnected from my other website, which I had to mirror onto a Weebly host when my other host died. I spent a day mirroring it, then I stopped. When I could have worked on it or this site yesterday, I instead gave up and played around on the internet.

Today, I'm doing school work. I feel bad for not doing any.
I've found HTML to be a language that calms me down, which is incredibly helpful when building a site.

I know I have a list of goals on the front page, but I haven't been sticking to it and I feel bad. My new goal is to get a BoS page done every other day, with one essay or reveiw every Saturday.

As for spells and rituals? I haven't decided yet.
Our celing is fixed! We still have renos going on, but they are in one area (the kitchen) instead of all over the house. I'm closer to the renos which will make me hurt a bit, but it's better than the drywall. The sawing is always the worst. I can feel it. It feels like a very slight pins and needles.

I'm hoping to get an essay up today. That and my poetry section are the only sections I haven't done anything to, so I'd like to get them up before I work on my BoS anymore.

I have my Reiki I. It was an intense day, Sunday, but it was amazing. It was so worth it. I honestly had a great time and learned so much. It's a lot to take in. When I got home that night, I was loopy. Stayed up until 4 in the morning talking about Coatis (Nosebears!) and Watchmen. Woke up with a Comedian desktop that I don't even remember finding.
I've been so unmotivated to do pretty much anything. My mood keep shifting with the house.

As it turns out, our entire ventalation system was installed wrong. So, it wasn't just me when I told everyone my room was a virtual boiler. Last night it was almost unbearable. I know I had been dancing wildly, but once I stopped, the heat should have began to disapate. Here's what I know. Outside it's 85 degrees. Thus, that's the temp our attic should be. Our attic was 102.

Because the renos are now upstairs, I'm in the basement feeling slightly uncomfortable and unable to be me. I've been enjoying the freedom to watch what I want on tv, or to listen to Lady Gaga music videos without having to get headphones and then have people question what I'm doing.

Reiki I tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow is better than today.
Why is it that when people hear that I'm a Pagan, they automatically assume I don't believe in science? I'm totally into science. I think that the more we know, the better.
I also believe in a giant winged serpent.
The two, religion and science, don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Let's say I get diagnosed with something like cancer. I'm not about to give up chemo in favour of just Reiki or crystal healing. There is no reason why I can't have both. A little less drastic: if I have a bad cold and I just feel like hell, why can't I wear a crystal instead of going to the doctor or popping pills that clash with my thyroid medication? Even if it's a placebo effect, if it makes me feel better, does it really matter?

Some people who then say alternative healing is just expensive and a way to make money. I admit, it IS expensive because there is little competition. That doesn't mean that the people who do it don't believe in it. We do go through a lot of training.

This is why I want to get my initiate degrees.
Heh...I missed the eclipse. Go me...
It's very early in the morning, but I'm very awake. Our renovations to the downstairs are going more slowly than planned. It's been very loud here.

Tomorrow--err...later today--I'm doing only two things: If I feel religious I'll work on this site, and if I feel nerdy, I'll be making icons for my LiveJournal. I'll probably do both.

We've got a page on colour magic ready to code and link out, I've just been very unmotivated.

Later: I'm sitting upstairs, ready to code. I'm in my parent's room because I don't have a TV in mine, but I'm right in front of the bathroom where a minor repair job is taking place. It stinks, sort of like wet, burnt rubber.
The cat is on the bed with me though, looking like a jelly-bean, so that's nice.

You know, in one week's time, I'll have my Reiki I.
Speaking of careers, this may sound really weird, but, I'm thinking about getting a Wiccan degree. Sacred Mists has one, as does Cherry Hill Seminary. The only issue is, I'm not a Wiccan, and I never was. Why do I want to get all my degrees in Wicca then? Well, I was thinking, if I had all three of my Wiccan levels...well, it's a good base to branch out on. Even if I just get my level 1.

Yesterday, I was helping organize my dad's new office (they just moved office buildings) and that space just struck a cord. I want an office like that, but where I talk about healing methods and religious work. That's what struck me. I want to be a voice for my religion, and I don't want to exclude Wiccans because I'm not one.

I'm going to think about joining the Sacred Mists program until September, then decide.
I have a crystal healing session today. Hopefully the installer coming to hook up our new stove and dishwasher isn't too loud.

Usually, my spa room drowns out most sound, because I have music. However, with a guided meditation, I don't use music because I haven't found the "right" thign to set to it yet.

I'm actually pretty excited. So is my friend. Because I'm still getting all the practise in, she gets the work for free. She loves free things. It's sort of a win-win!
My first review is up!

We're getting some work done in our living room, so I'm pretty much in my bedroom for a good week. I expect a LOT to be done on this site in that week. Woot!
Happy Independence Day to my American friends. I hope you guys don't get invaded by aliens!
Why yes, I am watching Independence Day on tv!

I posted my meteorite article that got so many troll comments to my blog. But, I do say it looks pretty on my new WEBSITE!