I was doing some hunting for some Aztec and Mayan sacred texts (things that I didn't write) for my BoS.
The problem is, all of them are the Pagans who are reconstructing the ancient practises. That annoys me.

My reasoning is that, they aren't evolving with the times. This is the pitfall that the Kemetic Pagans fell into. We've got these Westerners trying to re-create an ancient practise that has been effectively wiped out. Even the bits we do know are only fractions of information, and only from the stuff that survived. Sure, you read all the history books and the codexes, but that isn't how the common people practised. That was the royalty, the wealthy, the small fraction of the populace that could afford it.

I understand the need for reconstructivists. They are the ones who band together to try to bring some validity to your religion, but frankly, it's not *my* religion.

According to them, that means I can't call myself Aztec or Mayan, and I should probably go associate myself with the other Fluffeh Bunnehs and go back to being a Wiccan.
I'm exagerating; these people are probably perfectly nice.

I don't know why they get under my skin.