I really shouldn't be allowed to read things on the internet that are likely to depress me. I just read a FSTDT quote by a New Ager. So...I admit, I've found a lot of more flakey New Agers, but this guy wasn't trying to convert others to his way of thinking, he just...was.

Then the people on FSTDT just rip him apart.

You know, when I started blogging, even before I got trolled, I started to feel bad for the people who were quoted on FSTDT. I may not agree with them at all, but to reply with the comments that are on FSTDT just pains me now. I can't even reply to them, let alone go searching for quotes I like I used to. Likewise, I can't watch Bill Mahar standup anymore, or his movie. I know he specifically badmouths the leaders of religion, and the politics behind it, it still hurts me.

I know someone who adores the film Religious. She is also a Pagan. I don't understand how she can't see the connection. Just because someone doesn't mention "Wicca' or "Pagan", doesn't mean thier opinions don't relate to us.

It just bothers me now.

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