It's very early in the morning, but I'm very awake. Our renovations to the downstairs are going more slowly than planned. It's been very loud here.

Tomorrow--err...later today--I'm doing only two things: If I feel religious I'll work on this site, and if I feel nerdy, I'll be making icons for my LiveJournal. I'll probably do both.

We've got a page on colour magic ready to code and link out, I've just been very unmotivated.

Later: I'm sitting upstairs, ready to code. I'm in my parent's room because I don't have a TV in mine, but I'm right in front of the bathroom where a minor repair job is taking place. It stinks, sort of like wet, burnt rubber.
The cat is on the bed with me though, looking like a jelly-bean, so that's nice.

You know, in one week's time, I'll have my Reiki I.
Speaking of careers, this may sound really weird, but, I'm thinking about getting a Wiccan degree. Sacred Mists has one, as does Cherry Hill Seminary. The only issue is, I'm not a Wiccan, and I never was. Why do I want to get all my degrees in Wicca then? Well, I was thinking, if I had all three of my Wiccan levels...well, it's a good base to branch out on. Even if I just get my level 1.

Yesterday, I was helping organize my dad's new office (they just moved office buildings) and that space just struck a cord. I want an office like that, but where I talk about healing methods and religious work. That's what struck me. I want to be a voice for my religion, and I don't want to exclude Wiccans because I'm not one.

I'm going to think about joining the Sacred Mists program until September, then decide.
Miss D
7/11/2010 12:32:28 pm

I've been thinking about Sacred Mists too. I will probably have to wait to move out of my parents house first, otherwise they may tie me to the bed and summon a young priest and an old priest all the while screaming "The power of Christ compels you!" while drowning me in holy water.

I <3 my life.

7/12/2010 01:21:54 am

@Miss D
The Sacred Mists program looks amazing, to be honest.

Heh, my mom is a Wiccan, so she's cool with this (my dad is another story, but we're more headstrong than he is). My extended family, if they found out, would probably drive me to the nearest chruch and call me stupid for believing in Aztec and Mayan religion.

2/27/2011 04:16:12 pm

Remember the best love is to love others unconditionally rather than make demands on them.


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