Why is it that when people hear that I'm a Pagan, they automatically assume I don't believe in science? I'm totally into science. I think that the more we know, the better.
I also believe in a giant winged serpent.
The two, religion and science, don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Let's say I get diagnosed with something like cancer. I'm not about to give up chemo in favour of just Reiki or crystal healing. There is no reason why I can't have both. A little less drastic: if I have a bad cold and I just feel like hell, why can't I wear a crystal instead of going to the doctor or popping pills that clash with my thyroid medication? Even if it's a placebo effect, if it makes me feel better, does it really matter?

Some people who then say alternative healing is just expensive and a way to make money. I admit, it IS expensive because there is little competition. That doesn't mean that the people who do it don't believe in it. We do go through a lot of training.

This is why I want to get my initiate degrees.

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