I've been so unmotivated to do pretty much anything. My mood keep shifting with the house.

As it turns out, our entire ventalation system was installed wrong. So, it wasn't just me when I told everyone my room was a virtual boiler. Last night it was almost unbearable. I know I had been dancing wildly, but once I stopped, the heat should have began to disapate. Here's what I know. Outside it's 85 degrees. Thus, that's the temp our attic should be. Our attic was 102.

Because the renos are now upstairs, I'm in the basement feeling slightly uncomfortable and unable to be me. I've been enjoying the freedom to watch what I want on tv, or to listen to Lady Gaga music videos without having to get headphones and then have people question what I'm doing.

Reiki I tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow is better than today.

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