I'm doing a Reiki case study on Sunday, with the girl who was in my class. I'm wondering if I should build (another) site for my services, or if it's too early in the game. I'd like to get everything out and easily referenced, but I'm also a total noob.

Today and tomorrow, I think I'm going to work on my websites (yes, I have two. This one and a personal one). Coding, editing, and thinking.

I've been spiritually disconnected this week, with the Reiki attunement, and the renos (which are done for four days while our handyman deals with some family matters). But, I've also been disconnected from my other website, which I had to mirror onto a Weebly host when my other host died. I spent a day mirroring it, then I stopped. When I could have worked on it or this site yesterday, I instead gave up and played around on the internet.

Today, I'm doing school work. I feel bad for not doing any.

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