Welcome to Digital Pagan

After years of working with a blog system, I've desided to stop because I'm fed up with the system. I had to deal with some trolls and I was the one that got punished.
So, welcome to Digital Pagan. This is a constant work in progress, but in a couple weeks, everything is going to look great!
If you see anything wrong (links broken, bad code, ect.) PLEASE let me know under the "guestbook" tab. Thank you!

Who I Am

Hi, I'm Lea, but most people call me Quetzal. I'm a 19 year old Pagan who has been studying for about three years now. I’ve absorbed almost every bit of information I’ve been able to get my hands on, and now I want to actualize my dream and share my knowledge.

My path is Mesoamerican Technopagan, with a hint of Egyptian paganism, but I have a lot more information than just that, so kick back and have fun.

Featured today:
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GodChecker.com is a fantastic resource. It provides informative, accurate and funny little summaries of deities and Christian saints.
Godchecker currently has 22 different pantheons online, with more and more updates coming.
If you're hunting for a certain deity, you can Search The Holy Database, or just click somewhere at random. You'll never know who you'll find!