I really shouldn't be allowed to read things on the internet that are likely to depress me. I just read a FSTDT quote by a New Ager. So...I admit, I've found a lot of more flakey New Agers, but this guy wasn't trying to convert others to his way of thinking, he just...was.

Then the people on FSTDT just rip him apart.

You know, when I started blogging, even before I got trolled, I started to feel bad for the people who were quoted on FSTDT. I may not agree with them at all, but to reply with the comments that are on FSTDT just pains me now. I can't even reply to them, let alone go searching for quotes I like I used to. Likewise, I can't watch Bill Mahar standup anymore, or his movie. I know he specifically badmouths the leaders of religion, and the politics behind it, it still hurts me.

I know someone who adores the film Religious. She is also a Pagan. I don't understand how she can't see the connection. Just because someone doesn't mention "Wicca' or "Pagan", doesn't mean thier opinions don't relate to us.

It just bothers me now.

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Today I was at my local New Age shop and Reiki training ground to pick up some things. Everyone in my family was born between now and the end of September, so I picked up some presents, handed in my Reiki I case studies and went on a bit of a shopping spree (because saving money is for LOSERS).

I got some USB bling. You know, useless devices that plug into your computer? I got some USBling!

See, my computer is secretly evil. It also hits on me, but that's another story. I've named my computer HAL, after the HAL-9000 computer from the movie 2001, because my computer is evil like HAL, but I love him anyway.

So, I got HAL some bling! It's a salt lamp. A Himalayan salt lamp. I had wanted one of these suckers for ever, but I'm poor and the USB one was cheap :P

If you don't know about salt lamps, they are basicall all-natural ionizers. The heat from the lamp releases negative ions (I think), and get rid of the free-floating positive ones. I actually don't know if they work, but they look really cool.
Wow, really sixteen days since I worked on this site? As you can see, I've given it a face lift. The banner is getting an overhaul at some point when I come up with a good enough substitute for the pattern. I sort of like the pattern though. I dunno.
The original BoS section is now the Reference Library, because I wasn't feeling right with calling it a Book of Shadows. You can see the new Mesoamerican Book of Shadows tab, which is more like what my Book of Shadows would look like, if I had a handwritten one. This will have loads of information dedicated to my specific path.

Our Hell-Reno should be over in TWO WEEKS! With the new countertop and backsplash going up next week, and the painting almost finished, it's shapping up. My mom broke my Aladdin Royal Dulton figurine I had owned since I was little, but it was a clean break, we just need crazy glue to put his head back on! Jasmine, however, survived.

My own sacred space upstairs has been very low on energy because I've been low on energy. I've been sleeping a lot and going though some big personal shifts. All my energy has been put into attempting to keep the peace downstairs. Renos suck. At least the major constuction aspects are done so I'm not in pain like the house. Instead, I just feel oily because of the wet paint! I haven't been this oily since I was sixteen, and I haven't had break outs like this since I was fourteen (memo to self: I need a facial). But it's not oil-based paint. Our handyman is pretty environmentally concious. The house is really shaping up too. All the cracks and damage from wear and use of the last ten years are all being fixed on the main floor. It's like the house is going though a big spa treatment, like the one where you fast and feel like killing the therapists, but when you're done you feel great?
Yeah, so, I don't know how I got a cold in the middle of July, BUT, I did. Go me.

August 1st is an important day for me. First off, it's the Egyptian New Year. Second, it's Lammas.  But, I'm sick, so I've curled up with ice cream instead of actually doing a ritual. I feel bad for that.

I hope you guys all have a better Lammas/New Year than me :P